First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to make a major announcement regarding her campaign to combat childhood obesity on Tuesday.  Mrs. Obama will be joined by business leaders to make the announcement, which will impact “food formulation, availability and affordability,” White House food policy blog Obama Foodorama reported.

UPDATE: The White House announced Monday the First Lady’s event has been postponed and will be rescheduled.

Along with the recently enacted child nutrition reauthorization bill, which for the first time in three decades increased the reimbursement rate for school food above inflation, and allows for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set nutritional requirements for all food sold in schools, improving the accessibility and affordability of healthy foods is one of the pillars of the Let’s Move! campaign.

“Here’s the thing–we can build shiny new supermarkets on every block, but we need those supermarkets to actually provide healthy options at prices people can afford,” Mrs. Obama told the members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association in 2010.

Responding to the First Lady’s call to action, 16 of the top U.S. food and beverage manufacturers announced last May they would work toward removing 1.5 trillion calories from the American diet annually by 2015, with a total of 1 trillion to be cut by 2012.

According to Obama Foodorama, Mrs. Obama’s announcement in the morning on Tuesday, Jan. 11 is both her first Let’s Move! event and first public event for 2011.

Mrs. Obama’s final public Let’s Move! event in 2010 was the special bill signing ceremony on Dec. 13 for the historic Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which passed during the lame duck session of Congress. Before that, on Nov. 29, Mrs. Obama launched Let’s Move Faith and Communities, a grassroots sub-initiative to encourage the vast memberships of congregations and community groups to join Let’s Move!”

  • Doc Mudd

    “Here’s the thing–we can build shiny new supermarkets on every block…”
    No. No, I don’t think we really can afford to do that, especially not in this economy.
    Is it possible some neighborhoods are without trendy grocery markets because residents are unable to afford overpriced fashion food? Is it possible local grocers have been unprofitable and discouraged by rampant vandalism and robbery? Are expensive bricks & mortar and limitless supplies of baby bok choy really all that have been lacking in these ‘food deserts’?
    Here’s the thing–maybe we need a new campaign. Maybe call it ‘Let’s Wise-Up!’

  • We applaud First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move campaign. However we strongly urge her platform in include President Obama’s pledge to end childhood hunger by 2015 and start by focusing upon reaching the fifteen million food insecure children in our country with school breakfast , after school meals and summer feeding.
    We believe that nutrition and improved menu selections in school foodservice is improving and the ongoing process is trending positive. But we must prioritize reaching the eligible in need food insecure children with our under utilized federal nutrition programs.

  • a morrissey

    It is absurd to think we should be spending taxpayers money to make people eat certain foods if they do not want to opt for them. The fact that Michelle husbands does not follow her “advise” and he is thin. All the while, she is certainly not slim and has a rear bumper you could park a truck on should be enough to discourage anyone from following her advise. If you add the fact that the general problem of the US population intake as compared to others has one very obvious difference; Portions size.

  • Ray James

    I do not mean to start a racial conversation or comment on the First Ladys rear bumper but as a male I have noticed that some woman have much larger hips and bumpers than others. The women with the large hips and bumpers tend to be african american.
    I am not so sure the emphasis is on making people eat certain foods but affording them the oppurtunity to try other foods.
    I agree with your assessment that portion size is a major source of Americas weight problem.
    Full desclosure -I married a african american woman with a big bumper.

  • Doc Mudd

    I’ve been wondering if the FLOTUS isn’t gaining in girth lately. Seems like recent photos & video tend to pose her with unusual modesty.
    I did see one recent news clip on TV where Barack was boarding his plane. He was either with Michelle on the stairs, or he was loading a Clydesdale in a sundress aboard Air Force 1. The news pundit didn’t elaborate, so I don’t really know. Coulda just been the camera angle, and all.
    Not tryin’ to start anything, here. Doesn’t really matter. Just sayin’

  • Chef of the Future

    I believe that we should stop wasting money on subsidizing food that gets wasted, gets turned into poison that we feed at every McKentuckey King that have overwhelmed this latest generation with weight and health issues and start spending it on sustainable, organic whole produce that will reduce waste, decrease our dependency on foreign oil by promoting local produce and farmers to thrive, reduce health risk groups by getting better quality foods with nutrients back into our bodies and all of that will allow us to reduce our deficit because we’re not dumping money in the ground only to let it seep into our waterways and kill our immediate environment (let alone the globe). In addition, healthier foods will reduce the slavery we all face when given poor options for healthcare that include toxic vaccines that are not effective, industries that police themselves and a government in bed with big Agriculture and Big Pharma and Big Oil. I agree with Doc .. lets get this government to “wise up”. If not, we’ll either all be dead, or taken over by some up and coming third or second world nation (good for them, sad for us).