The Chinese government arrested 248 people involved with food safety violations, officials announced Sunday.

The National Food Safety Regulating Work Office said that out of 130,000 total cases, 115 were criminal, according to official Chinese media Xinhua.

Every sector, from produce to supply chain management to catering to exports were involved in food safety cases over the past year.

“No major incident occurred last year, and the overall food safety situation maintained stable,” said the report.

Gutter oil, melamine dairy, pesticide-laden beans, and lead candy exported to the U.S. garnered moderate media attention in 2010, but China largely avoided any high-profile scandals.

Officials credit recent food safety crackdowns.

China recently reported that 25,000 tons of melamine have been seized and destroyed since the 2008 scandal that rocked consumer confidence, sickened 300,000 and killed six infants.

According to the recent report, 191 officials have been punished for failing to do their duty in food safety enforcement and 26 of those cited were fired.