Muriel Morris, owner of The Meal Machine café in Birmingham, received a four-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to four counts of violating England’s food hygiene regulations.

Forty-seven police officers who dined on chicken and tuna sandwiches from The Meal Machine last July 3 became sick from staphylococcus aureus bacteria that were linked back to the café.

Morris, age 70, will have to observe an overnight curfew and wear a home detention device during a four-month period.  She also agreed to pay costs of nearly $26,000, which will be picked up her insurer.

The West Midlands Police ordered sandwiches for 100 riot control officers who were being sent off to control crowds in the Birmingham city center.   Almost half the group became ill and several required hospitalization after eating the sandwiches.

The Birmingham City Council investigated the incident and found filthy conditions in the café.  The Council then referred the matter to Magistrates court.