with U.S. officials did not appeal the World Trade Orgnization’s ruling against U.S. restrictions on the import of Chinese chicken.

Existing appropriations restrictions limited the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ability to consider an import rule for Chinese poultry products, which effectively kept the products out of the American marketplace.  China responded by pursuing action through the World Trade Organization, claiming that the U.S. was unfairly blocking poultry imports.  China also responded by imposing duties on U.S. chicken imports, escalating the trade dispute.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), chair of the House appropriations committee that oversees both USDA and FDA budgets, has long expressed concern about poultry products from China.

“From the very beginning I have insisted that the questions of processed Chinese poultry imports be taken as a public health issue that must not be entangled in trade discussions,” said DeLauro last year when the issue came up during appropriation discussions. 

Last year, lawmakers took a step toward resolving the dispute by clarifying budget language, but with the WTO ruling and no U.S. appeal, the dispute is formally over.

Under current U.S. law, poultry and poultry products may not be imported from any foreign country unless USDA determines that the food safety standards and sanitary conditions of that country are considered equivalent to U.S. standards and conditions. 

  • richard raymond

    We are openly critical of Russia, China, The EU and others when we feel they stop importing from US Ag producers for “science based, public health concerns” and yet we pass a law that stopped the USDA from promulgating rules that MIGHT have led to China exporting PROCESSED chicken to the US. FSIS could not even talk with the Chinese, much less go to China to inspect and/or audit their chicken processing plants that wanted to export to the US to determine equivalency in their food safety systems. And to top that ridiculous abuse of power, Congress then gave Catfish inspection to the FSIS,but no other fish or seafood, essentially protecting our domestic Catfish farmers and further blocking exports from China.
    Talk about the Ugly Americans.

  • John

    Richard, I don’t care HOW we come about preventing chinese poison from entering this country, only that we do indeed attempt to limit the amount of worthless toxic trash they send to us. I will NEVER eat ANYTHING that comes from china. No amount of inspections will ever make their food safe, because they have a culture of untruthfullness and have no qualms about bribing officials to give them passing scores. Not only is ALL the food from china a likely source of poison/toxins/contamination, we also support fascism and human rights violations every time we buy ANYTHING from them.

  • dangermaus

    Buy food from farmers and producers you can actually meet, and would let you see how your food is made… It costs more, but it’s worth it!