The Agriculture Department is holding another in its series of mobile slaughter unit information sessions today in Fort Collins, CO as part of its “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiative.  The session will focus on red meat slaughter.

Mobile slaughter units are self-contained slaughter facilities that can travel from site to site.  Regional small livestock producers can take advantage of slaughter services provided through these units at local host farms.  Livestock slaughtered at the units include cattle, hogs, sheep and goats.

According to a USDA press release, “The goals of this information session are to educate farmers, ranchers and processors on how to operate mobile slaughter units and meet USDA food safety requirements.”

Inspection issues that are unique to mobile slaughter units will be addressed during the session, which will take place from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. MDT at the Colorado State University Taylor Conference Center.  

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service Administrator Al Almanza commented, “This information session will educate small producers and processors on establishing mobile slaughter units and how to ensure the safety of the products so that they can receive the USDA federal mark of inspection.”

More mobile slaughter unit resources are available on the USDA Website.

  • Natalia

    I am appalled by the incongruity and callousness of your posting on the home page of a picture of cattle gathered to socialize and graze in a lovely green field as the illustration for this article!
    While it does seem a better thing for animals to be slaughtered without first transporting them long distances, and perhaps someone thought that this illustrated that fact about the mobile slaughter units, – even so – it is bizarre and to me indicates that whoever chose this photo illustration is totally oblivious and disconnected from the awful reality of what is being discussed here – again, this is the violent, horrific dying of (for the most part, very young) beings to satisy the gluttonous and usually unexamined desire of many members of our species to eat their flesh! Ugh!
    If we truly want to claim the labels “intelligent” and “self-aware”,we should immediately stop hiding from ourselves and rationalizing this disgusting and out-of-control behavior of the unnecessary and gluttonous killing and eating of others who only want – like us – to live in peace.

  • dangermaus

    @Natalia – The kinds of lives depicted in that photo, have largely vanished from the countryside, and this kind of mobile facility enables small-scale production where animals can live out on pastures and act like cattle/pigs/what-have-you. You’re basically saying “meat is murder”, right? Do you think that eventually eating meat will be illegal, or do you just not care when something can improve the health of food animals in our country (too many of which are currently raised and slaughtered more-or-less in petri dishes of poo and chlorine)? Do you actually have an argument other than random indignities that could be applied to any aspect of our over-indulgent modern society and “Ugh!”?
    I’m totally psyched about this! Contact your Senator and tell them that this kind of program should be supported! I imagine that the big agribusiness players are going to everything they can to shut these things down to protect their investments in their multi-million dollar
    feedlot/slaughter facilities… They’ll probably lie to regulators, and Congress, and the American people, and say that “food safety” justifies their trying to shut these down – all while continuing to grind their hamburger in batches containing dozens of animals that were fed antibiotics their whole lives…

  • E

    These comments make me think this:
    It is terrible that the people in this country are so negative about the way our food is produced. It is always the processors fault and a consumer can never take responsibility for his/her actions once that food gets to their house to be prepared. Just to set the record straight, animals are NOT fed antibiotics there whole life. In fact, cattle are grazed in pastures until they go to the feedlot, where they stay for about 4 months prior to harvest. In addition, antibiotics all have withdrawal times in order to prevent residues from entering the food chain. The misconceptions about animal agriculture from people who have never produced anything is excessive and unfortunate. Family farms are what keep this country fed and everyone wants to shut them down.
    If someone wants to make a mobile slaughter unit for small farmers in this country…go for it! It will only help to produce the meat we all love and eat.

  • Carol

    Are any of the materials from these information sessions being made available online? And do you know if similar sessions will be held in 2011, perhaps in Southern Colorado?