The Produce Traceability Initiative is currently in the process of forming industry-led working groups to guide its future activities.  The initiative was designed in order to help the produce industry maximize and improve traceback procedures and standardize industry-wide traceability practices.

Working groups are open to industry members from across the fresh produce supply chain, and interested parties are invited to volunteer their time and expertise to one or more of the new working groups.

In addition to the working groups, GS1 US has joined the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Produce Marketing Association, and United Fresh Produce Association (United Fresh) as a Produce Traceability Initiative-administering organization.

According to an Initiative press release, the consortium is looking for volunteers in four key areas in order to drive its work forward.  The four groups looking for volunteers include:

1. Implementation Working Group: will guide and promote industry-wide adoption of GS1 standards at the foundation of the Produce Traceability Initiative, including developing best practices, identifying solutions to implementation issues, and tracking industry implementation.

2. Master Data Working Group: will address issues regarding identifying product attributes and communicating that data between trading partners.

3. Industry Communications Working Group: will ensure two-way communication between the initiative and industry.

4. Technology Working Group: will provide a forum for technology providers to collaborate to support the initiative.

Volunteers are also being sought to participate in Produce Traceability Initiative-designed pilot projects as well as to work with the initiative in order to develop case studies of pilot projects their companies have already completed.

For more information about volunteering for new working groups, the Produce Traceability Initiative, the initiative’s Leadership Council or other general questions, please see the initiative’s Website.

  • John

    It seems like some one is at profit here,It is not the farmer,packer,warehouse,distributor,or retailer.Then who? Only the software and hardware suppliers make money here!As a very small farmer,who has come to rely on the small profits of farming as part of my yearly income,due to lack construction in our country’s present economic state.Here is yet another cost that must be passed on,however when the market will not bear another price increase,PTI has to come from my pocket!!
    Here is another fine mess from Mr. Bush and his money hoarding Republican friends.

  • rob

    Get a gripp. It’s when producers ship bad stuff, then gov. gets involved and wright stupid rules then the corp.’s say wow lets make the big bucks from the all the prodcers couse all have to comply. and around and around we go. There is a lot of people to blame, gop,dem,farmers,producers,shippers, manufactures. The thing is we have it! What we need now it that the people who wright the rules understand how much greater the burden will be on small growers and wright with an eye on protecting them.

  • I really hope more companies are participating in the Produce Traceability Initiative now. I have always been a big fan of Wish Farms ( Their fresh produce is trackable which makes me, as a consumer, more likely to buy their fruits and vegetables over another brand. I just feel safer buying their strawberries, blueberries, etc.