Hong Kong’s Center for Food Safety (CFS) is warning people not to drink two types of Isotone Sports Drinks because fungus has been detected in them.

CFS issued the warning after being told by the manufacturer, A.S. Watson Group (ASW) Limited that sales of the product were being suspended because the company has discovered the fungus.

Details of the products are as follows:

1. Product name: Isotone Sports Drinks (regular flavor)
Pack size: 500 mL

2. Product name: Isotone Sports Drinks (ice flavor)
Pack size: 500 mL

“The CFS has alerted the trade and will work closely with the company to monitor the situation. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will also inspect the concerned food factory,” a CFS spokesman said.

“Fungus is unlikely to pose a health risk to the general public,” the spokesman added. 

He advised consumers not to drink the above two products and to consult a doctor if they feel sick after drinking the products. The public should also not buy or consume food that is unclean, such as food visibly covered with mold.

A.S. Watson Group (ASW) is a major international retail and manufacturing group headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in 36 markets worldwide. ASW operates 19 retail brands with over 7,700 retail stores running the gamut from health & beauty chains, luxury perfumeries & cosmetics to its food, electronics, fine wine, and airport retail arms.

It is also an established player in the beverage industry. ASW provides a full range of beverages from bottled water, fruit juices, soft drinks and tea products to some of the world’s finest wine labels via its international wine wholesaler and distributor.

ASW employs over 98,000 people.

For more information, call the Watsons hotline: 2660 6633.