The Nestle USA Baking Division recalled Nestle Carnation Famous Fudge Kits Tuesday after the company discovered the kits were distributed without a complete allergen precautionary statement indicating peanuts are an ingredient in the kits. 

Consumers who have allergies to peanuts run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume products containing peanuts.

Products involved in the recall include Nestle Carnation Famous Fudge Kits distributed during the 2009 holiday season with day codes beginning with 9225 through 9259, and a “Best By” date of June/July 2010. The UPC codes for the affected products are 50000-62251 for the retail version, and 50000-62248 for the club store version.

According to the company, “The components contained in the kit were completely labeled, including a precautionary statement on one component stating “made in a facility that also processes peanuts”.  However, the outer containers of some of the kits were distributed without a complete precautionary statement.”

Consumers who are allergic to peanuts and who have purchased the recalled products should contact Nestle Consumer Services directly at 1-800-727-6300 for instructions.  Fudge Kits should not be returned directly to retailers.