The Rainbow Acres Farm is illegally selling raw milk across state lines for human consumption, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has charged.

FDA used UPS to deliver a “Warning Letter” to the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania farm Tuesday, notifying the owners that an investigation has concluded illegal interstate sales of raw milk are taking place.

rawmilk.jpgLast Feb. 4 when FDA sent two agents to Rainbow Acres, they ended up in an incident on the farm with owner Daniel L. Allgyer.  The FDA agents then found themselves being pulled over by Pennsylvania State Troopers after a trucker they followed from Rainbow Farm called 911.

The Feb. 4 events sparked controversy in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. 

Rainbow Acres, according to Allgyer, is “a small family farm” with the goal “to live in harmony with nature.”  At the time of the February FDA “raid,” he reportedly told agents that the farm did not sell anything to the public.

FDA says its investigation “has determined that you are causing to be delivered into interstate commerce, selling, or otherwise distributing raw milk in final package form for human consumption.”

Kirk Sooter, FDA’s Philadelphia district director, said Rainbow Acres is violating the federal Public Health Service Act and various regulations that prohibit the delivery into interstate commerce of milk and milk products in final package form for direct human consumption unless they have been pasteurized.

The letter gives Rainbow Acres 15 working days to let FDA know of the steps it is going to take to correct violations.

Here’s how Rainbow Acres advertises its activities on a Website:

“Due to our children still being small we specialize mostly in dairy products, including butter, heavy cream, and raw milk cheese.

“Our herd consists of Jersey and Normande cows, seasonal production. They are 100 [percent] grass-fed.  We also have a limited amount of beef and eggs.

“We farm organically, but are not certified. We strive for high quality products at a reasonable price. Shipping available.”

In the February incident, Allgyer reportedly insisted that Joshua Schafer and Deborah Haney, both from FDA, deal with his attorney and declined their request to inspect the farm.  The FDA officers then followed a truck leaving the farm, and its driver called the state police to report someone he did not know was following him.

It was in responding to that call that state troopers briefly apprehended the FDA agents for questioning.

  • Patricia Finocchiaro

    I drank “Raw” milk my whole young life growing up and I feel that “Raw” milk is better for you without the Omega 3s taken away during pastuarization. I am now 65 years old and in good health. Also, I feel that grass fed cows produce healthier milk. I have tried myself to find a place that would sell “Raw” milk that I could purchase. I feel that I should have the right to buy “Raw” milk if I choose to. And that Amish farmers in Pennsylvania should not be harrassed by federal agents. They are not criminals and are only making a livelihood in this world. I now do buy milk from grass fed cows, but would not hesitate to buy “Raw” milk, if I could find it.
    Patricia Finocchiaro

  • aed939

    I believe Allgyer is legally selling to a buyer’s club. The buyers are doing a “milk carpool” where they send one buyer to buy milk for himself and his neighbors rather than each individual buyer drive up separately. It is perfectly legal for someone to come from another state and legally buy milk in Pennsylvania, and then to leave the state with the milk because possession is legal. As long as the runner does not subsequently resell the milk out of state, the runner is acting as an agent of the buyers–not as a distributor. I don’t think the FDA has any grounds against either a milk carpool buyer’s group or the farmer who makes legal in-state sales to such a group.

  • tim gallien

    Mexican military invading and engaging (killing) American police, border patrol agents and citizens to run cover for drug cartels in our own country.
    And this is what our tax dollars are paying for. I think we all know who the real criminals are.
    It just gets me sometimes that these federal employees do not understand that they are the people too. How can anyone do this to other people.
    When ones paycheck requires of them to not think, then the unthinkable becomes inevitable.
    Semper Fi

  • John Wayne

    Maybe one of those agents needs to get a dose of lead poisoning next time they harass somebody. Maybe that would serve as deterrent to the other federal criminals so that they might find some more productive way to use the taxpayers money…like protecting our borders and arresting illegal aliens.

  • Lou Alito

    Yes, but at least it’s constitutional. Much worse is the unconstitutional law Arizona is trying force our overworked police officers to enforce! I am an 5th generation American, and it is ridiculous for me to have to carry around my “papers”! What is this? Nazi Germany? “Show us your papers!” This is wrong!
    The cops now have a job that makes them not think, too!
    A boycott of AZ is being enacted by all freedom lovers! “If you are not Native American, you are an immigrant. Boycott AZ”
    Write or call the AZ chamber of commerce to let them know we will not stand for this kind of government overstepping its bounds!
    Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    1850 North Central Avenue
    Suite 1433
    Phoenix, Arizona 85004
    ph: 602.248.9172
    f: 602.265.1262
    Boycott actions already taken by many:
    Sign the petition!

  • Jason Cummins

    The FDA is only a government agency buy name it really belongs to big Agra and big Pharma they use the FDA to maintain control of food and drugs.

  • uglytoadk

    Fact is, laws are made to be equal, the Amish tend to hide behind religion on every law in the United States. I lived around the Amish they are by far the worst of the worst

  • Dennis

    If you think laws are equal in this country, you’re dreaming.If you’re wealthy, connected, are part of the gov’t , you skate. If you are a hard woking Amish, you’re screwed.