Beef Products Inc. (BPI), the pioneer of ammonia-treated beef, announced on Friday it intends to begin posting all E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella test results online.

“We intend to put in place a system that will allow everyone to have access to BPI test data for E.coli O157:H7 and Salmonella at virtually the same time that data comes to BPI from the third party, fully accredited laboratories that conduct testing of BPI’s products,” said BPI founder and chairman Eldon Roth before the National Meat Association’s annual conference last week.

hamburger-patties-featured.jpg“We envision a reporting system that will allow the data to come directly from the labs and be viewable on BPI’s Website.  Not only do we intend for the data to be viewable, but we also intend for the data to be independently verified and audited.”

The announcement comes several weeks after a New York Times expose questioned the safety of BPI’s treated beef products and set off a series of damaging news reports and blog posts.

“There have been some questions regarding BPI, our products, and processes that have resulted from inaccuracies in recent media coverage,” said Roth, in his remarks.

“While it is tempting to take issue with each misstatement or any information not provided in proper context, we need to avoid that temptation and instead be focused on continuing to achieve and exceed the standards we have set for ourselves.”

Roth said that despite coming under fire in the media, the company remains “very confident” in its food safety systems, and particularly confident in the ammonia processing technique–or “pH enhancement process,” as the company calls it.

“Depending upon serving size, BPI products have been a part of up to 20 Billion meals per year,” noted Roth.  “We have not been the source of any illness outbreak or death because of our food safety systems, including our test and hold program.”

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