The Oakridge Calgary Co-op Grocery Store had to close briefly and now has expand a recall it began Monday after finding food on its shelves was tampered with.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd. are warning the public not to consume bulk buns and loaves, bulk food items, packaged cheeses and refrigerated juices purchased at the store located at the Oakridge Centre store.

In those food items, store employees have found pins, sewing needles, and buttons.

The store is located at 2580 Southland Drive SW in Calgary.  Any of those food items purchased between Friday, Jan. 15 and Monday, Jan. 18, 2010 should be returned.

In addition, the CFIA and Calgary Co-op are encouraging the public to carefully inspect any products purchased at this store during this time frame.

Should there be any signs of tampering, consumers are advised not to consume the products and to return them to the store for a full refund.

The CFIA is working with Calgary Co-op, Calgary Police Service and Alberta Health Services to investigate this tampering incident at the Calgary Co-op Oakridge Centre grocery store.

Calgary Co-operative Association Ltd., Calgary, AB, is voluntarily recalling the affected products and is actively participating in the investigation.

Food tampering is something that does not happen that often.  One of the last cases to get a lot of publicity occurred last year when two former Domino’s Pizza employees were charged with felony distribution of prohibited foods in North Carolina after they appeared in a video that ended up on YouTube.


    I have never been a fan of bulk food stores. The bins are open for anyone to put whatever they please into the products. There are some very sick people in the world and there are some who think it is cool and smart to do such things as putting pins in the food. Not to mention that the bins are open to contamination from anyone and everyone. Lord knows what some people put into these open bins. It is gross to even think about it. Spit, snot, dirty hands, objects such as in this case, pins. Not to mention rodents and insects that crawl in and out of the bins when the store is closed. There should be cameras and people monitors in each isle to watch over the products. The bulk food stores should be set up like a fast food take out. Have staff handle and dish out the products from behind a counter so that the general public does not have access to the products. Then that is not a 100% guarantee that some sick employee won’t tamper with the bulk foods. Personally, I don’t shop at bulk food stores. I don’t think it is a sanitary set up for food to be accessible to the general public and open for contamination and tampering.