The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) released a

pilot “Safe Food and Tasty Food” project. The project will take place

in Delhi and the capital region of India in over 2,000 eating


The pilot project is intended to

improve voluntary participation of food establishments of Delhi and the

capital region of India to enhance the overall hygienic conditions of

the eating establishments. 

indian-food.jpgThe project is

part of the region’s intention to start implementing the laws and

regulations of the 2006 FSS Act. The effort is also a part of India’s

effort to improve food safety for the Commonwealth Games, which will be

held in Delhi in October 2010.

The program

intends to localize the regulation of food safety by engaging trade

organizations, schools, colleges, and institutions to improve the food

establishments in their areas. 

The local organizations will be expected to identify and keep track of the food establishments operating in their area.


Quality Council of India (QCI) will be the resource agency for quality

certification and training for the project. The QCI will use accredited

certification bodies to audit and rate food establishments.


to the proposal, the food establishments would be rated for food safety

based on their level of implementation and compliance to certain

requirements of the FSSAI program. The rating levels of food

establishments would be Platinum, Silver, and Bronze under the project.