Abruzzino’s Italian Bakery, LLC, which sells it products through such retail outlets as Wal-Mart, has not addressed all its food safety problems.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Dec. 1 issued a “Warning Letter” to the Gypsy, WV bakery, raising continued concerns about pest control, ingredient storage, and employee sanitation.

According to the letter, released Dec. 15, a two-day inspection of the bakery in September found:

  • Flies in the manufacturing area that landed on an uncovered garage can, on unbaked dough being prepared for manufacturing bread, rolls, and pepperoni rolls, and flying around finished uncovered bread, rolls, and pizza shells in the packaging room.
  • Rodent pellets were found in the manufacturing room behind equipment.
  • Shredded insulation was observed in manufacturing areas and the storeroom.
  • Metal bins used to store raw ingredients were rusted and dirty.
  • Near an open exterior door of the manufacturing area, an employee was smoking a cigarette.
  • Two packages of cigarettes, bottles of over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs were stored in the manufacturing area along with opened soft drinks and other beverages.
  • A variety of food items, including candy, cookies, and crackers, were found sitting on equipment and tables used to manufacture raw uncooked dough.
  • Thirteen employees were observed wearing street clothes while mixing, dividing, and rolling dough or assembling pepperoni rolls.
  • Thirteen employees were not wearing hair nets while mixing, dividing and rolling dough, assembling pepperoni rolls, placing bakery products into the oven, removing bakery products from the oven, and packaging bakery products.
  • Five employees with facial hair were not doing beard covers while doing the same work.

FDA also says Abruzzino’s Pepperoni Roll with Cheese is misbranded for its failure to declare milk as an ingredient.  Milk is a major food allergen.

The Baltimore District of FDA asked the bakery to respond within 15 working days to explain how it will correct the violations.