On the first Sunday in October everyone reading the New York Times shared a stomach-turning experience when they read that fat trimmings that go into ground beef are routinely treated with ammonia.

Will the day come when the meat and poultry industries will be able to tell the public that chemicals like ammonia and bleach are no longer being used in their processing routines?

Kennesaw, GA-based EAU Technologies Inc. says that day is already here and that its electrolyzed water is ready to be used in the meat and poultry industries, killing Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter with its eco-friendly technique.

EAU’s Empowered Water (TM) has been granted a patent for its Primacide Solutions for poultry processing.

The electrolyzed alkaline water is used to clean chicken, which is then rinsed with electrolyzed acidic water usually found in the inside/outside bird wash to kill any remaining foodborne pathogens.

EAU’s state-of-the-art generators use a unique combination of electrolysis cell technology, salt, and electricity to alter the ionic structure of water to create non-toxic, oxidized antimicrobial solutions and reduced antioxidant cleaning solutions.

It claims it can meet the demands of large food processors for electrolyzed water in large volumes.

EAU has conducted several successful trial installations to prove the efficacy of Empowered Water(TM) in poultry processing following successful trials conducted at the University of Georgia’s Poultry Science Department in Athens, GA.

Empowered Water(TM) is currently used on a commercial basis as part of the pathogen intervention program in one of the world’s largest poultry processing facilities, which processes over 350,000 birds per day.

“Not a day goes by where we don’t hear about some form of food safety-related recall or the pressures food processors are under to meet new Corporate Social Responsibility goals,” said Wade Bradley, CEO of EAU Technologies, Inc., in a press release.
“Empowered Water (TM) can be part of the solution to many of the pathogen intervention challenges a poultry processor may face.” Mr. Bradley continued, “As processing plants strive to obtain the highest USDA rating, Category 1, EAU’s non-toxic solutions can help exceed the new USDA demands while decreasing the use of harsh chemicals.”

Mr. Bradley added that EAU is actively involved in commercializing industrial applications for Poultry Processing, Clean-in-Place (CIP), and Agriculture as well as in Dairy applications.

About EAU:

The publicly traded EAU Technologies, Inc. (EAU) is an 11-year old supplier of Electrolyzed Water Technology (EW Technology marketed as Empowered Water (TM)) and other complementary technologies with applications in diverse industries.

EAU’s water-based and non-toxic solutions (at application concentration, the solutions are non-toxic to humans and live animals) may replace many of the traditional methods now used to clean, disinfect and nourish in large industries such as agriculture and food processing.

EAU has solutions for existing bacteria, virus and mold proliferation threats.

EAU continues to add innovative and efficacious products that offer a systemic approach to pathogen elimination in food processing plants and related industries, thereby producing safer foods while protecting the environment through “Green Technology.”

EAU has developed patent pending systems that are being used on dairies to process drinking water for dairy herds. Studies and trials are showing promising results at improving animal digestion, which shows signs of improved animal health and production.