Technical University of Denmark

Danish officials have ended an investigation into an outbreak of E. coli that affected almost 40 people, but they are continuing to look at a Salmonella monophasic Typhimurium outbreak that has sickened almost 50 people.

For the E. coli outbreak, it was not possible to find the source of infection,
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There is a “striking” lack of safety data on wild flowers used at restaurants, according to a review in Denmark.

Of 23 flowers reviewed, nine contained compounds with toxic or potentially toxic effects if eaten, two had unidentified toxic compound(s) and four were flowers from plants with potentially toxic compounds
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Every other Salmonella infection recorded in Denmark in 2014 came from overseas travel. Trips to Thailand (17.5 percent), Turkey (15.4 percent) and Spain (6.4 percent) were the most common destinations for traveling Danes to pick up a Salmonella infection. denmark_406x250Those were among the findings of an annual report Denmark publishes
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Those epoxy resins used to line metal food cans and some plastic containers are safe at current permitted levels, with some European bickering still going on about where lower limits should be placed. They may not have gotten that memo yet in North Carolina, where a “Toxic Free Kids Act”
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