State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT)

Another three people have been arrested in the second phase of an investigation into expired food being reintroduced into the supply chain.

Measures were taken against the trio this month. The operation involved Europol, France, Germany, Spain, and the Carabinieri NAS of Turin, and Italian Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza).

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Law enforcement authorities have dismantled a Lithuanian group accused of putting expired food products with altered labeling back on the market.

The operation involved Eurojust and Europol, plus agencies in Lithuania, Estonia, France, and Germany.

Active since early 2021, the organized crime group is believed to have purchased millions of

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Three people have fallen sick in Lithuania after eating chicken contaminated with Salmonella, Listeria and Campylobacter.

The Kaunas Department of the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT Kaunas) received information from the National Public Health Center (NVSC) about three illnesses from chicken wings sold at a café.

Officials from VMVT

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Lithuanian authorities have stopped the sale of possibly unsafe meat, clamped down on fish traders and uncovered food supplement violations in the past month.

Officers at the State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) blocked the sale of almost 10 tons of potentially unsafe meat products in early December.

Kaunas processing
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Authorities in Lithuania have opened an investigation after a search found expired food products.

Police in the city of Kaunas started the operation after finding a man loading boxes with alcohol from one car to another in mid-May. A man in his 70s and another man aged 50 are being
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