The B2B WATT Poultry is out with its 2023 special issue of the egg industry. It is a source of hard-to-find market data about the egg industry, just as high egg prices and shortages capture consumer attention. Information about the largest egg producers and predictions about cages in the future

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CHICAGO — Oscar Garrison, senior vice president of food safety regulatory affairs for United Egg Producers, is one of the speakers at this week’s Food Safety Summit who is ending the week as a “thought leader.”

Others are making that transition too, and Garrison provides a good example of how
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Editor’s note: Today Food Safety News takes a look back at the most significant outbreaks in the United States in 2018. As in the past, our year-end coverage is not merely a list of individual stories by individual writers. Generally, significant events are the other way around. Multiple stories by
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A day after the CDC reported two dozen more people have been confirmed with Salmonella infections traced to eggs, a member of Congress asked the head of the Food and Drug Administration to explain what the agency has been doing to enforce the federal Egg Safety Rule.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro,
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The disgusting truth about industrial egg production is “it stinks”.  Sanitation in such environments stretches the imagination when you think of a million birds trapped in cages in huge shed-type structures called  “laying houses” and the tons of fecal material produced daily.

While a high degree of cleanliness may be
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