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Rats populate much of New York City, as was illustrated by a federal food safety case settled this past Friday.

It all started in April 2022 when federal investigators checked out a meat and poultry warehouse on NYC’s Allen Street, only to discover what might’ve been the city’s best-fed rat

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Public health officials in New York City are looking into an outbreak of illnesses believed to be infections from Campylobacter, a foodborne pathogen.

Brooklyn officials say 50 cases of illnesses have been reported since the beginning of October. A specific source of the foodborne pathogen has not yet been determined

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During the past three months, from October to December 2021, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) Smuggling Interdiction and Trade Compliance (SITC) program seized and destroyed more than 1,900 pounds of prohibited pork, poultry, and ruminant products from New York City-area retailers.

APHIS reports these items were sourced
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Twitter bird food Bourne illnessOn July 7th shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill were trading below $400 following a tweet by Eric Van Lustbader, author of the Jason Bourne series, indicating that eating at a Manhattan-based restaurant location resulted in the hospitalization of his editor.Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold responded: “we are aware of the post

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Media outlets and the Twittersphere are indulging in a feeding frenzy about illnesses possibly linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill locations in New York City, but health officials say no confirmed cases have been reported. beach-beatChipotle’s corporate spokesman also says the aren’t any reports of illnesses from the burrito chain’s more
Continue Reading Beach Beat: Chicken Little syndrome hits Chipotle via Twitter 20 people have reported symptoms of foodborne illness after attending an event at a Manhattan synagogue dedicated to exotic kosher cuisine, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The incident, which occurred on May 5, is under investigation by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
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