Finding 10-year-old kids working in a kitchen late at night near dangerous cooking equipment is a cause for child labor concern and action by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is also a food safety concern.

Investigators from the department’s Wage and Hour Division found two 10-year-old workers at a

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McDonald’s has been hit with a fine of more than half a million dollars after a mouse infestation was found at one of its branches in England.

The fast food chain was fined £475,000 ($596,500) after a rodent infestation was discovered by Waltham Forest Council’s environmental health officers at a

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The increasing prevalence of a foodborne parasite has spurred the FDA to develop an action plan for dealing with Cyclospora contamination, with a special focus on fresh produce.

The Food and Drug Administration unveiled the plan yesterday, July 1, referencing the first known contamination in U.S. produce in 2018, as
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A local court in Seoul has convicted three people for supplying contaminated food to McDonald’s in South Korea.

Seoul Central District Court imposed suspended jail sentences on the three employees of the former supplier, named as McKey Korea, by United Press International (UPI). They were indicted without detention in
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Editor’s note: Today Food Safety News takes a look back at the most significant outbreaks in the United States in 2018. As in the past, our year-end coverage is not merely a list of individual stories by individual writers. Generally, significant events are the other way around. Multiple stories by
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Citing the discovery of an infectious parasite in domestic produce this summer, the head of the FDA yesterday committed to using science to address foodborne pathogens.

A special government testing program found the Cyclospora parasite in U.S. cilantro earlier this year, marking the first time ever that the microscopic animal
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The FDA reports advances in testing helped investigators during an outbreak of cyclospora infections this summer. More than 500 people were confirmed infected, but the outbreak is over according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Outbreak investigations at state and federal levels showed a link between McDonald’s salads
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A special FDA testing program on fresh herbs has documented the first confirmed evidence of the Cyclospora parasite in U.S. produce.

The Food and Drug Administration found the microscopic parasite on fresh cilantro at a U.S. distribution facility in July. In a follow-up investigation, the FDA found Cyclospora on fresh
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