According to the Food and Drug Administration, the number of children sickened by lead in imported applesauce products has grown from 22 to 34 in the past four days.

The implicated Apple Cinnamon Fruit Puree pouches were manufactured in Ecuador and sold under the WanaBana, Weis, and Schnucks brands. All

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There are now almost two dozen children with reported adverse effects linked to applesauce pouches that have high levels of lead.

The 22 children impacted live across 14 states, with the state of residence for one of them being unknown. 

There are recalls for four products related to the illnesses:

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Over the past weekend, a heartland newspaper shared with its readers the stunning conclusion of its local health department.

What was disclosed was that contaminated spices were determined to be the second largest cause of lead poisoning in children in 2021 in Nebraska’s most populous county.

The Douglas County Health

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After reports of widespread heavy metal contamination in U.S. baby food products surfaced in 2019, the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy launched an investigation targeting seven major manufacturers. 

With only four out of the seven companies providing the requested data, the Subcommittee’s report released in

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 The California Department of Public Health (CDPH)  is warning consumers not to eat eight specific types of dried plum snacks, also known as Saladitos, imported from China and Taiwan. 

Tests conducted by CDPH found excessive levels of lead. Consumers in possession of the plums should discard the products immediately.

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Rojas Inc. of Los Angeles, CA, is recalling Lupag brand plain dried salted plums in 0.5-ounce packages because they have elevated levels of lead.

The distribution of the affected product was limited to Southern California.

The “Plain Dried Salted Plums” product subject to the recall can be identified by the
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At least four companies, including El Super Leon Ponchin Snacks Inc. of San Diego, CA, are recalling dried plums from China because of lead contamination.

El Super Leon Ponchin is recalling dry salted plums with and without chili, according to the company’s recall notice posted by the U.S. Food and
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A&E Corrales LLC of Seattle, WA, is recalling Saladitos Dried Salted Plums With Chili because of lead contamination.

Several other companies are recalling dried plums with and without chili because of lead contamination. For information visit the Food Safety News home page.

The affected A&E Corrales product was distributed nationwide
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