USDA finalizes policy to protect consumers from Salmonella  in raw breaded stuffed chicken products 


Food Safety, like politics, is the art of the possible. 

Sure, it would be great if, like Shiga-toxin producing E. coli in beef are considered adulterants, Salmonellas (at least the 30 plus known

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TORONTO — IAFP 2023 in Toronto this week was not his first rodeo.

We are talking about Jose Emilio Esteban, our new USDA Undersecretary for Food Safety.

This week’s International Association for Food Protection annual meeting and conference was the first opportunity for him to engage with the larger food

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Getting a Presidential appointment and Senate confirmation turned out to be no easy task for Jose Emilio Esteban, the new Undersecretary for Food Safety. Yet he’s turned in his first couple of months on the job with apparent ease.

Between the time Esteban’s predecessor, Mindy Brashears, exited the USDA building

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Editor’s note: This article was first published by Harvard Public Health magazine and is reprinted here with permission.

By Jerold Mande

Federal food law is clear: It bans “any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render [a food] injurious to health.”

For decades, regulators have used

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When you’re waiting to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, hearing that your nomination has been taken hostage with others is not good news. But for Jose Emilio Esteban, who the president has nominated as USDA’s next Under Secretary for Food Safety, that’s the reality of the situation.

Although the

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If the U.S. Senate can stay focused for long enough today, Jose Emilio Esteban will likely be confirmed as the nation’s sixth undersecretary for food safety. He’s been waiting for 340 days

With a Senate confirmation vote, Esteban will move up from being the chief scientist at USDA’s Food Safety

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