Food safety authorities covering England, Wales and Scotland have opened a comment period on the rates of checks for selected food and feed of non-animal origin from certain countries.

Proposed amendments would apply a temporary change to official controls or special conditions on the entry into Great Britain of the

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Authorities in New Zealand are monitoring a large recall of foods containing imported tahini because of Salmonella.

Officials said consumers should be aware that some products are incorrectly labeled as “Product of Mexico or Israel” when they were actually made in Türkiye.

“Testing has identified the possible presence of Salmonella in the

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Authorities in New Zealand have tightened the import rules around tahini and halva from Syria following a recall and outbreak.

An outbreak of Salmonella Kintambo earlier this year involved three patients who had consumed sesame-based products from Syria. Two people were hospitalized. Sequencing of clinical isolates showed cases were closely genetically related

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An outbreak of Salmonella has ended in Sweden with officials unable to find the source of infection.

In October, 40 people became ill with monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium with the majority falling sick in the first half of the month. An earlier update identified 33 patients. Cases were linked by whole
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The United States and Canada are part of an outbreak affecting Europe because of Salmonella in tahini and halva from Syria.

The United States has reported six Salmonella Mbandaka cases, one in 2020 and the rest this year.

Interviews were conducted with two people: both report shopping at international markets
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More sick people and Salmonella types are part of an outbreak in Europe linked to tahini and halva from Syria.

More than 120 people have now been affected since 2019 in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands with at least five types of Salmonella linked to the outbreak. Officials
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