Shell egg farms in Alabama and New York inspected last year by the Food and Drug Administration were recently warned about the serious violations FDA discovered.

In the warning letters, FDA discloses more details about a previously reported outbreak and reports  that the  Salmonella Enteritidis or SE outbreak caused a
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A day after the CDC reported two dozen more people have been confirmed with Salmonella infections traced to eggs, a member of Congress asked the head of the Food and Drug Administration to explain what the agency has been doing to enforce the federal Egg Safety Rule.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro,
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During the past three weeks public health officers confirmed another two dozen people with Salmonella Enteritidis infections in an outbreak traced to cage-free eggs from Gravel Ridge Farms.

Federal and state officials continue to express concern that consumers might have unused Gravel Ridge Farms eggs that have been recalled,
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State and federal public health officials have not named restaurants that are implicated in a Salmonella outbreak. Gravel Ridge Farms, identified as the egg supplier, recalled an unspecified number of eggs Saturday.

As of Sept. 7, Alabama and Tennessee had reported a total 14 confirmed Salmonella infection cases, according to
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A cage-free egg producer is recalling an unspecified number of eggs, regardless of date stamps, from grocery stores and restaurants because of potential contamination with Salmonella. Confirmed illnesses have been linked to the eggs.

The Food and Drug Administration posted the recall notice from Gravel Ridge Farms yesterday. The company’s
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