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I am lucky to have an epidemiologist on staff. Perhaps Fresh Start needs one too.

Let me make a prediction, Fresh Start will eat its press release because the FDA will find more cucumbers that test positive for either Salmonella Africana, Salmonella Braenderup or Salmonella Bareilly in

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Federal officials say 381 people are now confirmed as patients in two Salmonella outbreaks linked to fresh cucumbers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 75 percent of patients interviewed reported eating fresh cucumbers in the days before becoming ill. 

“Epidemiologic data show that cucumbers may be contaminated

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with public health and regulatory officials in several states and the U.S. FDA, are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Africana infections potentially linked to cucumbers. Epidemiologic data indicate that cucumbers may be the source of contamination, causing illness among consumers.


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A Florida company is recalling cucumbers because testing has showed Salmonella. The FDA has reported that the recall could be related to an ongoing outbreak.

“The recall was initiated after the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture informed the company that a product sample tested positive for the bacteria. The FDA is

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