Charges against a woman accused of putting needles in strawberries in 2018 in Australia have been dropped.

My Ut Trinh, an ex-farm worker, had been charged with contamination of goods and was scheduled to go on trial in Brisbane District Court.

Local media quoted Judge Michael Byrne telling Trinh’s interpreters
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Hannaford Supermarkets has expanded a pizza dough recall to include all Portland Pie products while doubling down on warnings to consumers about “malicious tampering” involving metal objects.

“Hannaford has removed all Portland Pie products from all store shelves and has paused replenishment of the products indefinitely,” according to the Oct.
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A man who put shards of metal in baby food jars in the United Kingdom has been found guilty of blackmail and contaminating goods.

Nigel Wright began threatening supermarket chain Tesco in spring 2018, writing to his local store in Lincolnshire and warning unless they paid him £750,000 ($982,000) worth
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Acts of terrorism and other intentional tampering with food are the subjects of the third and final installment of industry regulatory guidance on how to deal with the intentional adulteration of the food supply.

With the release of the draft guidance, the Food and Drug Administration completed the agency’s mandate
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The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia and New Zealand has published updated food safety guidelines for the industry.

The  group is an industry-led organization established in 2013.

The guidelines are designed to achieve greater consistency in the development, implementation and auditing of fresh produce food safety programs. It provides an
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The government’s response to tampering of Australian strawberries with needles this past year was timely but areas to improve have been identified in a Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) report.

These include centralizing incident coordination to include relevant government agencies such as police, and improving the consistency and messaging
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