According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with an estimated 600 million cases of foodborne illnesses annually, unsafe food is a threat to human health and economies, disproportionally affecting vulnerable and marginalized people, especially women and children, populations affected by conflict, and migrants. An estimated 420 000 people around the world die every year after eating contaminated food and children under 5 years of age carry 40% of the foodborne disease burden, with 125 000 deaths every year.

World Food Safety Day on 7 June aims to draw attention
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On this Thanksgiving I want to say how thankful I am for those who work to protect the food we eat.  Although for 26 years I have been primarily supportive of those who protect us, like families and good friends, sometimes a critique is appropriate.

I want to express my thanks to the lawyers and staff at Marler Clark and the writers at Food Safety News – a more dedicated group of professionals would be difficult to find.

I also want to express my thanks to the thousands of past and current clients who have put their faith in
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As some of the readers might know, in my spare time I am the managing partner at Marler Clark in Seattle.  Our long-time Epidemiologist, Patti Waller, has moved into semi-retirement and is running for us.  Katrina Deardorff, who has been with us for a nearly two years, has decided to take a job back in the public sector, and we wish her well.

So, I am working here on a Saturday (not that uncommon), thinking about how to replace the irreplaceable, but knowing how important this job is to the quality of work we do at Marler Clark.

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I am off to IAFP in the morning to Salt Lake City to participate on this panel discussion on Tuesday AM.  I look forward to a reasoned and lively discussion.

Also, Food Safety News will be there – come by the booth – lots of swag.

Also, welcome to Europe Bureau, Joe Whitworth, and a “Tip-o-pen” to all the great staff writers over the last 10 years. Some of whom have gone on to greater things.

Andrew Schneider
Catharine Huddle
Cathy Siegner
Cookson Beecher
Gretchen Goetz
Helena Bottemiller
James Andrews
Lydia Zuraw
Kelsey Mackin
Mary Rothschild
Phyllis Entis
Ross Anderson

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BCK-951-BS_F3-e1437272410171Is it time for prosecutors to set forth clear guidelines for who is prosecuted and who is not? A few weeks ago, I was quoted in an article entitled, “Will Blue Bell face criminal charges after ice cream recall?” Bill Marler, a food safety lawyer who has represented victims in many of those cases, says Justice’s recent activity is especially notable because in many of the cases, company executives didn’t know they were shipping out tainted food, but they were hit with criminal charges anyway. “It’s been very much of a sea change,” Marler said. “Once you start down this
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