FDA Commissioner Robert Califf

The FDA Foods Coalition was announced Thursday in Washington, D.C., promising to put more pressure on the federal government for improved food safety.

Since February 2022, when Dr. Robert M. Califf began his second tour as FDA Commissioner,  all sorts of pressures have been applied for change. Early in his

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How food safety is best organized in a country this big and this populous is the question we should be asking. Instead during the past confusing year, we’ve come to focus only on the internal organization of the Food and Drug Administration.

We now know the timeline

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During the same week that the Food and Drug Administration re-affirmed its approval of Atlantic salmon with an intentionally altered genome, the agency also permitted the growth of chicken from animal cells in laboratories.

The approval went to a specific company, UPSIDE FOODS. The company is a leader among those

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Were it not for all the meetings about infant formula, FDA Commissioner Robert M.Califf’s schedule would look like those of his many predecessors, emphasizing drugs and medical devices.
After his narrow confirmation to serve a second stint as FDA Commissioner, the renowned cardiologist faced a food safety crisis when the

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