Researchers have evaluated a range of studies focussed on Salmonella in insects to gather data for assessing the safety of insect-based foods.

The systematic review looked at 36 studies investigating Salmonella in insects.

“Data on the persistence of Salmonella can be useful for further analysis by risk assessors and decision-makers involved in the safety

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Faculty at Virginia Tech’s Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center are working to develop alternative and sustainable food sources in the form of insect protein.

Mainstream insect consumption is gaining steam. Recent figures estimate that 2,111 species of insects are consumed in about 140 countries. In November 2021, the European
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A research project on the safety of edible insects involving Germany and Kenya is entering its final year.

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and Jomo Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, are leading the ContamInsect research project, which started in 2020.

It focuses on the safety of the
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A trio of issues that featured in the news agenda of 2020 carried into 2021 and none of them are out of sight yet. Coronavirus, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and ethylene oxide contamination are sure to demand coverage as we head into 2022.

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By Katharine Hopkins

Mealworms could be hitting restaurants and supermarkets in products like burgers, pasta and even as snacks coated in chocolate in the relatively near future in some areas. 

This year yellow mealworms were approved for human consumption by the European Union. A novel food product is defined as
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