African Swine Fever (ASF)

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is launching new efforts to help prevent the introduction and spread of African swine fever in the U.S. Through an outreach and awareness campaign called “Protect Our Pigs,”

APHIS will support commercial pork producers, veterinarians, and pig owners with information and

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Thailand last week discovered the country’s first official case of African Swine Fever (ASF).

Thailand’s finding is part of the worldwide spread of ASF. The disease has reached numerous countries across Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific in domestic and wild pigs.

ASF reached the Americas late last year
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A candidate vaccine, known as ASFV-G-DI177l—efficiently protects against African swine fever, USDA announced Thursday.

USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) published new research that highlights a new vaccine candidate that has been shown to prevent and effectively protect both European and Asia bred swine against the current circulating Asian strain of
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Since the current  African Swine Fever (ASF) panzootic began in the Liaoning province of China in 2018, the United States and Canada have kept the pig virus out of North America. But, in July, USDA’s Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosis Laboratory confirmed ASF in pigs from the Dominican Republic in the

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have developed a protocol to help ensure bilateral trade will continue if African swine fever (ASF) is detected in feral swine in either country, while still absent from domestic swine.

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