In the globally connected agriculture and food production industries, ensuring supplier quality is paramount for us as end-consumers. Traditionally, ensuring supplier quality standards were met was, and still is for many, a time-consuming and labor-intensive task involving endless lists of suppliers, multiple Excel sheets, and significant administrative

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Why is Auditing so Important?

The food industry has seen unprecedented technological advancements, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. More importantly, these innovations underscore the pivotal role of internal auditing in daily operations, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards and fostering continuous improvement.

Within food manufacturing –

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Bacteria pose significant challenges to the food industry, from contaminating crops and livestock to jeopardizing ready-to-eat foods. To address these concerns, a Swiss startup, NEMIS Technologies AG, is pioneering a new approach to bacterial detection: bacteriophages, or simply phages — viruses that infect and kill select

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