Grande Cheese Company of Fond Du Lac, WI is recalling 1,726,910 pounds of whey and dairy products because of potential Salmonella contamination.

According to the details posted online by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the recall was initiated on May 1, 2024, and is ongoing.

The recalled products were distributed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachessuets, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. It was distributed outside the U.S. in Canada, Ecuador and Japan.

About Salmonella infections
Anyone who has consumed or used recalled products and developed symptoms of Salmonella infection should seek medical attention. Sick people should tell their doctors about the possible exposure to Salmonella bacteria because special tests are necessary to diagnose salmonellosis. Salmonella infection symptoms can mimic other illnesses, frequently leading to misdiagnosis.

Symptoms of Salmonella infection can include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever within 12 to 72 hours after eating contaminated food. Otherwise, healthy adults are usually sick for four to seven days. In some cases, however, diarrhea may be so severe that patients require hospitalization.

Older adults, children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, such as cancer patients, are more likely to develop a severe illness and serious, sometimes life-threatening conditions.

Some people get infected without getting sick or showing any symptoms. However, they may still spread the infections to others. 

Recalled products:

Grande Ultra 9150 Whey Protein Isolate. Product Code: 32324. 90% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 20 kg.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANU031-1, ANU031-2, ANU031-3, AOB114-1, AOB114-2, AOB114-3, AOC147-1, AOC147-2, AOC147-3, AOC495-1, AOC495-2, AOC495-3, AOD984-1, AOD984-2, AOD984-3, AOE010-1, AOE010-2, AOE023-1.

Grande Grande Primo Y45 Cultured Dairy Product. Product Code: 32400. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs. Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Skim Milk, Yogurt Cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus). Heat Treated After Culturing.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANX894-1, ANX894-2

Grande Bravo 600 Functional Whey Protein SKU 32106. 34% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: AMV955-1, AMV955-2, ANU045-1, ANU045-2, ANU837-1.

Grande Ultra 9100 Functional Whey Protein Isolate. SKU 32131. 90% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 20 kg. 

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANU825-1, ANU825-2, ANU825-3, ANU825-4, ANU956-1, ANU956-2, ANU956-3, ANU956-4, ANW450-1, ANW450-2, ANW450-3, ANW450-4, ANW462-1, ANW462-2, ANW462-3, ANW462-4, ANX889-1, ANX889-2, ANX889-3 , ANX889-4, ANY419-1, ANY419-2, ANY419-3, ANY419-4, ANZ341-1, ANZ341-2, ANZ341-3, ANZ734-1 , ANZ734-2, ANZ734-3, ANZ734-4, AOA597-1, AOA597-2, AOA597-3, AOI521-1, AOI521-2, AOJ157-1 , AOJ157-2, AOJ157-3, AOJ206-1, AOJ206-2, AOJ206-3, AOK807-1, AOK807-2, AOK807-3, AOL545-1 , AOL584-1, AOL584-2, AOL584-3, AON172-1, AON172-2, AON172-3.

Grande Ultra 8000 Nutritional Whey Protein Isolate. SKU 32200. 80% Protein Dry Basis. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 20 kg.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: AOE813-1, AOE813-2, AOE813-3, AOE813-4, AOF840-1, AOF840-2, AOF840-3, AOF840-4.

Grande Lactose SKU 30600. Grade A. Refined Pasteurized. Net Wt 25 kg.

  • Code Information: Batch Number: ANS832-1, ANS832-2, ANS832-3, ANS832-4, ANS837-1, ANS837-2, ANS837-3, ANU961-1, ANU961-2, ANU961-3, ANU961-4, ANU961-5, ANU961-6, ANU961-7, ANV510-1, ANV510-2, ANV510-3, ANV510-4, ANV510-5, ANV510-6, ANV510-7, ANV516-1, ANV516-2, ANV516-3, ANV516-4, ANV516-5, ANV516-6, ANW439-4, ANW439-5, ANW439-6, ANW439-7, ANW439-8, ANW452-1, ANW452-2, ANW452-3, ANW452-4, ANW452-5, ANW452-6, ANW452-7, ANW459-5, ANW459-6, ANW459-7, ANW464-1, ANW464-2, ANW464-3, ANW464-4, ANW464-5, ANW464-6, ANY416-1, ANY416-2, ANY416-3, ANY416-4, ANY416-5, ANY416-6, ANY421-1, ANY421-2, ANY421-3, ANY421-4, ANY421-5, ANY421-6, ANY421-7, ANZ731-1, ANZ731-2, ANZ731-3, ANZ736-1, ANZ736-2, ANZ736-3, ANZ736-4, ANZ736-5, ANZ736-6, AOA588-1, AOA588-2, AOA588-3, AOA588-4, AOA588-5, AOA599-1, AOA599-2, AOA599-3 , AOA599-4, AOA599-5, AOA599-6, AOA776-1, AOA776-2, AOA776-3, AOA776-4, AOA776-5, AOA781-1, AOA781-2, AOA781-3 , AOA781-4, AOA781-5, AOA781-6, AOA793-1, AOA793-2, AOA793-3, AOA793-4, AOA793-5, AOC149-1, AOC149-2, AOC149-3, AOC149-4 , AOC149-5, AOC149-6, AOC491-1, AOC491-2, AOC491-3, AOC491-4, AOC491-5, AOC497-1, AOC497-2 , AOC497-3, AOC497-4, AOC497-5, AOC497-6, AOC600-1, AOC600-2, AOC600-3, AOC600-4, AOC600-5 , AOD986-1, AOD986-2, AOD986-3, AOD986-4 , AOD986-5, AOE006-1, AOE006-2, AOE006-3, AOE006-4 , AOE006-5, AOE006-6, AOE012-1, AOE012-2 , AOE012-3, AOE012-4, AOE012-5, AOE012-6, AOE012-7 , AOE012-8, AOE020-1, AOE020-2, AOE020-3 , AOE020-4, AOE020-5, AOE020-6, AOE025-1, AOE025-2 , AOE025-3, AOE025-4, AOE025-5, AOE025-6 , AOE032-1, AOE032-2, AOE032-3, AOE032-4, AOE032-5 , AOJ208-1, AOJ208-2, AOJ208-3, AOJ208-4 , AOJ208-5, AOJ208-6, AOJ208-7, AOJ628-1, AOJ628-2, AOJ628-3, AOK779-1, AOK779-2, AOK779-3 , AOK779-4, AOK779-5, AOK779-6, AOK809-1, AOK809-2, AOK809-3, AOK809-4, AOK809-5, AOK809-6 , AOK809-7, AOK816-1, AOK816-2, AOK816-3, AOK816-4, AOK816-5, AOL547-1, AOL547-2, AOL547-3 , AOL547-4, AOL547-5, AOL547-6, AOL581-3, AOL581-4.

Grande Lactose. SKU 30601. Grade A. Refined Pasteurized. Net Wt 25 kg.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANT443-1, ANT443-2, ANT443-3 , ANT443-4, ANT443-5, ANT443-6, NT454-1, ANT454-2, ANT454-3, ANT454-4, ANT454-5, ANT454-6 , ANU827-1, ANU827-2, ANU827-3, ANU827-4, ANU827-5, ANU827-6, ANU827-7, ANU831-4, ANU831-5, ANU831-6, ANU831-7, ANX886-4, ANX886-5, ANX891-1, ANX891-2, ANX891-3, ANX891-4, ANX891-5, ANX891-6, ANX896-1, ANX896-2, ANX896-3, ANX896-4, ANX896-5, ANZ343-1, ANZ343-2, ANZ343-3, ANZ343-4, ANZ343-5, ANZ343-6, ANZ343-7, AOF842-1, AOF842-2, AOF842-3, AOF842-4, AOF842-5, AOF842-6, AOF842-7, AOH045-1, AOH045-2, AOH045-3, AOH045-4, AOH045-5, AOH045-6, AOH048-1, AOH048-2, AOH048-3, AOH048-4, AOH048-5, AOH055-1, AOH055-2, AOH055-3, AOH055-4, AOH055-5, AOH070-1, AOH070-2, AOH070-3, AOH070-4, AOI461-1, AOI461-2, AOI461-3, AOI461-4, AOI461-5, AOI523-1, AOI523-2, AOI523-3, AOI523-4, AOI523-5, AOI523-6, AOI563-1, AOI563-2, AOI563-3, AOI563-4, AOI563-5, AOI563-6.

Grande Bravo 250 Functional Whey Protein SKU 32101. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANX884-1, ANX884-2, ANX884-3.

Grande Bravo 300 Functional Whey Protein SKU 32102. 34% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANS828-1, ANS828-2, ANS828-3, ANV506-1, ANV506-2, ANV506-3, ANX882-1, ANX882-2, ANX882-3, ANZ662-1, ANZ662-2, ANZ662-3, AOA584-1, AOA584-2, AOA584-3, AOC487-1, AOC487-2, AOC487-3, AOE028-1, AOE028-2, AOE028-3, AOE030-1, AOE030-2, AOE030-3,

Grande Bravo 500 Functional Whey Protein SKU 32103. 34% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANS830-1, ANS830-2, ANS830-3, ANU041-1, ANU041-2, ANU041-3, ANU043-1, ANU043-2, ANU043-3, ANU835-1, ANU835-2, ANU835-3, ANW431-1, ANW431-2, ANW431-3, ANW455-2, ANW455-3, ANW457-1, ANW457-2, ANW457-3, ANY389-1, ANY389-2, ANY389-3, ANY708-1, ANY708-2, ANY708-3, AOA586-1, AOA586-3, AOA774-1, AOA774-2, AOA774-3, AOC596-1, AOC596-2, AOC596-3, AOC598-1, AOC598-2, AOC598-3, AOI459-3.

Grande Bravo 550 Functional Whey Protein SKU 32105. 34% Protein. Grade A. Pasteurized. Net Wt 50 lbs.

  • Code Information: Batch Numbers: ANV508-1, ANV508-3.

Consumers should not use this product. Recalled products should be thrown out or returned to their place of purchase.

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