The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) is gearing up for its 2024 Annual Meeting, set to take place July 14-17 in Long Beach, CA. Early registration is now open for a series of Pre-Meeting Workshops aimed at providing attendees with insights and practical knowledge.

IAFP 2024
The IAFP Annual Meeting has earned its reputation as the premier food safety conference globally, offering a dynamic program that covers diverse topics, showcases cutting-edge technologies through exhibits, and features renowned experts as speakers. With 4,000 industry, academic and governmental food safety professionals from six continents expected to attend, the meeting serves as a global platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Pre-Meeting workshops: A head start on food safety education
For those eager to dive deeper into specific areas of food safety, the Pre-Meeting Workshops offer a unique opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and hands-on experience. Scheduled for July 12 and 13, these workshops cover a range of topics critical to the industry:

  • Demystifying Dry Cleaning in food environments: Understanding the When, How and Why of Dry Cleaning and Sanitizing (Disinfecting)
  • Selecting and Validating Pathogen Reduction Processes for Low-Moisture Foods and Ingredients
  • Whole Genome and Metagenomic Sequence Analyses: A Tutorial and Hands-on Workshop to Help Understand This Process
  • Application of Principles of Hazard Analysis – Beyond the Basics
  • How to Select the Best Solutions to Common Food Safety Culture Problems?

Attendees can register for one or more workshops, with early registration offering significant savings. Registration for these workshops is open until June 17, providing ample time for professionals to secure their spots and make the most of this educational opportunity.

Who should attend
These workshops are designed for professionals across various sectors of the food industry, including academia, regulatory bodies, research and development, sanitation, quality assurance, food safety, and operations. Whether you’re directly responsible for cleaning and sanitizing processes or involved in food safety risk management, these workshops offer practical insights applicable to your role.

As the food industry continues to face evolving challenges, staying abreast of the latest developments and best practices in food safety is paramount. The Pre-Meeting Workshops at IAFP 2024 provide a valuable platform for professionals to enhance their skills, network with peers, and contribute to the ongoing advancement of food safety practices globally.

For more information and to register for the Pre-Meeting Workshops, visit the IAFP website.

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