Polish authorities have issued an urgent warning to avoid meat sold at a market in the country after one person died.

The Government Centre for Security (RCB) told people not to eat meat from unverified sources bought at the market in Nowa Dęba in Tarnobrzeg County over the weekend because of the risk of poisoning. Anyone with symptoms was asked to contact their doctor or to call the emergency number 112.

The agency said symptoms could vary, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and general weakness.

RCB urged people to share information about the potential danger to prevent others from eating contaminated meat and advised the public to buy meat only from official sources.

Polish media, quoting the police, said two people are being questioned in connection with the incident. They are a married couple, aged 55 and 56, who sold homemade meat products from their car at the market.

A man who ate deli products from the market died in hospital on Saturday, and two other people were hospitalized with food poisoning symptoms.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Tarnobrzeg is also investigating the incident. Related meat products are currently being tested at a research institute in Pulawy.

In 2022, Poland reported 336 outbreaks with 3,670 illnesses, 457 hospitalizations, and four deaths. This included 191 Salmonella outbreaks, and 26 involved eggs and egg products.

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