Look for it on Netflix in early August.

Also, a good time to order the book – https://www.amazon.com/Poisoned-Deadly-Outbreak-Changed-Americans/dp/B0BPKKCSM3

The documentary first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival with multiple screenings taking place between June 9th and June 17th first premiering at the SVA Theatre on June 9th.  It also was shown in the author, Jeff Benedict’s, hometown, as well as Bill Marler’s, the main character of the film.

Here’s what you can expect from the documentary based on the book Poisoned by Jeff Benedict (which has an updated cover to reflect the Netflix adaptation).Netflix was first announced to be attached to develop the documentary on the 2011 book back in November 2022. 

On the rerelease of the book and the new film, Benedict said: “Turning this story into a film has been a writer’s dream. Grateful to Bill and Julie Marler for trusting me with their odyssey (I didn’t expect to find a love story when I set out to write about a food borne illness outbreak),” adding, “Lucky to have worked with Ross Dinerstein and his great filmmaking team at Campfire Studios.”

The documentary comes from director Stephanie Soechtig, who has taken on the food industry with multiple documentaries, including Tapped and GMO OMG, and other subjects with titles like Under the Gun and Fed Up. For Netflix, Soechtig was behind Knock Down the House, the documentary of Bronx-born U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez which dropped in May 2019. Jeff Benedict serves as executive producer on the project alongside Rebecca Evans and Ross Girard with Ross M. Dinerstein and Kristin Lazure as producers. Rod Hassler serves as cinematographer on the project, and Justin Melland is the composer.