On Sept. 16, 2022, Mother’s Touch initiated a recall of its Mother’s Touch Baby Formula because the product did not conform to the FDA’s infant formula standards.

This week the FDA emphasized the problem in a public alert. While Mother’s Touch is advising consumers in their notice that parents and caregivers who have unused containers of Mother’s Touch Baby Formula should return them to the store where they were purchased, FDA continues to recommend that consumers who have purchased this product discontinue use and throw it away.

The product is marketed as an infant formula without the required pre-market notification to the FDA, and it does not meet infant formula nutrient requirements for seven nutrients. In addition, the product was not fully tested for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria such as Cronobacter.

The FDA has determined that Mother’s Touch Formula is not manufactured in compliance with the FDA’s infant formula regulations. 

Mother’s Touch Formula is not tested to determine if it meets the nutrient requirements for infant formula. Also, it does not meet the nutrient requirements for infant formula such that consumption of this formula has the potential to cause nutrient deficiencies or toxicity in infants.

Parents and caregivers of infants who have used this product and are concerned about the health of their child should contact their health care provider.

The below information was provided by Mother’s Touch to the affected retail consignees where the recalled product was available for purchase by consumers. 

The recall notice will be posted in a prominent location at the following three locations:

  • Scenic Ridge Foods in Loganton, PA 17747
  • Hillside Bulk Foods in Gap, PA 17527
  • Creekside Foods in Kinzers, PA 17535

On Sept. 6, the FDA sent out an alert informing parents and caregivers not to buy or give Mother’s Touch Formula to infants under their care. 

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