Complaints about pieces of “food grade” rubber in some cookie dough has spurred Nestlé USA to initiate a nationwide recall of 26 ready-to-bake products.

The multi-national company reports distributing the refrigerated, raw, Nestlé Toll House dough in the continental United States and Puerto Rico. The recalled cookie dough products are sold in tubes, flat plastic packages and tubs.

Consumers who may have purchased the products should not prepare or consume them but should instead discard the product, the company urged in its recall notice.  

“We have identified the source of the rubber and have already fixed the issue,” the Nestle company reported in its Oct. 31 recall notice, which was posted today by the Food and Drug Administration. “We are working with the U.S. FDA on this voluntary recall and will cooperate with them fully.”

No injuries or illnesses had been confirmed as of the posting of the recall notice, according to the company.

Consumers should look for specific batch codes on the 26 recalled products to determine if the specific packages they have in their homes are subject to the recall. For a list of the recalled products and implicated codes, please click here.

For consumer support and product questions the public can call 800-681-1676, or email Consumers who have proof of purchase and contact Nestlé consumer services at

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