The possible presence of a poisonous mushroom variety has prompted a product recall in two countries.

Funghi Porcini Secchi Speciali of the Baresa brand is packaged in 30-gram packs with lot number and the expiration date of AS. 30.03.19.

The recalled product was exported from Italy and was distributed to Malta for sale in Lidl stores. The mushrooms were packaged by La Linea Azzurra srl in the Verderio factory, in the province of Lecco, Italy. La Linea Azzurra srl officials said the recall was initiated because of a fragment of a different mushroom species that is not declared on the packaging being found.

For precautionary reasons, the company said no one should consume the product. Consumers should return it to a Lidl store for a full refund, which is available without proof of purchase.

The poisonous variety potentially in the pack of dried porcini mushrooms is Amanita spp.

There are several hundred species of mushroom in the Amanitaceae family with only some types of Amanita poisonous to humans. Symptoms and onset speed vary depending on the variety but most deaths attributed to mushroom poisoning result from eating members of the genus Amanita, according to information from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The Environmental Health Directorate in Malta said according to information from the company and through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), the product must not be consumed since there is a possibility it could contain parts of a different type of mushroom than that declared on the label.

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