Following a Listeria-related recall by its parent company Club Chef involving freshcut produce snacks, CC Kitchens LLC today recalled more than a ton of salads because they contained lettuce that had been recalled for possible Listeria contamination.

logos CC Kitchens Club ChefAlso today the Kroger Co. posted recalls of several additional CC Kitchens salads because of potential Listeria contamination. Several varieties of Kroger’s Fresh Selections freshcut produce snack packs were included in the Club Chef recall, which was spurred because the company found Listeria in a production facility.

Club Chef is a subsidiary of the Castellini Group Cos., a Cincinnati-based produce distributor. None of the recall notices name the supplier of the freshcut produce or lettuce that spurred the recalls by Club Chef and its CC Kitchens subsidiary. Officials with Castellini did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

No illnesses had been reported in connection with any of the recalled foods, as of the posting of the recall notices. The recalled products have short shelf lives, but some of their use-by and sell-by dates extend through June 12.

The CC Kitchens recall of 2,415 pounds of ready-to-eat meat and poultry lettuce salads posted today by USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) reported the products were produced and packaged on various dates between May 31 and June 5. Those products have a six-day shelf life.

There is concern consumers who bought the salads from retailers in Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia may still have unused portions in their homes.

“Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase,” according to the CC Kitchens recall notice. “When available, the retail distribution list(s) will be posted on the FSIS website at”

The products subject to recall have the establishment number “EST. P-45676” printed inside the USDA mark of inspection other labels. Consumers should also look for the following label information to determine if they have the recalled products:

  • recalled CC Kitchens salad label
    This image is included as one of the labels from recalled CC Kitchens salads. To view all of the labels, please click on the image.

    12.6-oz. clamshell packages containing “Chef Salad” with case code 71001 and “Sell By” dates of 6/5/2017, 6/6/2017, 6/7/2017, 6/8/2017, 6/9/2017 and 6/10/2017;

  • 13.1-oz. clamshell packages containing “Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad” with case code 71004 and “Sell By” dates of 6/5/2017, 6/6/2017, 6/7/2017, 6/8/2017, 6/9/2017 and 6/10/2017;
  • 9.4-oz. clamshell packages containing “Chef Side Salad” with case code 71005 and “Sell By” dates of 6/5/2017, 6/6/2017, 6/7/2017, 6/8/2017, 6/9/2017 and 6/10/2017; and
  • 9.65-oz. clamshell packages containing “Chicken & Bacon Cobb Side Salad” with case code 71007 and “Sell By” dates of 6/5/2017, 6/6/2017, 6/7/2017, 6/8/2017, 6/9/2017 and 6/10/2017.

“The problem was discovered when CC Kitchens LLC was notified by one of its suppliers that lettuce used in the production of their ready-to-eat meat and poultry salad products was involved in a recall,” according to the recall notice on the FSIS website.

“The lettuce supplier initiated a recall as a precaution because positive test results for the presence of Listeria — which could include L. monocytogenes — were identified during environmental testing of portions of their facility. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products.”

A spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration, which has jurisdiction over lettuce, said tonight that she was not aware of any lettuce recalls.

Anyone who has eaten any of the recalled products and developed symptoms of Listeria infection should seek medical attention and tell their doctors about the possible exposure.

It can take up to 70 days after exposure for symptoms of listeriosis to develop, with young children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with suppressed immune systems most likely to get sick.

Symptoms of Listeria infection can include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

“Persons in the higher-risk categories who experience flu-like symptoms within two months after eating contaminated food should seek medical care and tell the health care provider about eating the contaminated food,” according to the recall notice.

On its website, the Kroger Co. has additional CC Kitchens salads listed as being under recall for possible contamination with Listeria. Those salads are labeled as follows:

  • CC Kitchens, Chicken & Bacon Cobb Salad, 13.1 Oz.;
  • CC Kitchens, Bulk Salad Trail Slaw — Deli Service Case, PLU 6191);
  • CC Kitchens, Chef Salad, 12.6 Oz;
  • CC Kitchens, Asian Quinoa Bulk Salad — Deli Service 5 Lb.;
  • CC Kitchens, Fiesta Slaw, 10 Oz.;
  • CC Kitchens, Chicken & Bacon Cobb Side Salad, 9.65 Oz;
  • CC Kitchens, Garden Salad, 11 Oz.;
  • CC Kitchens, Chef Side Salad, 9.4 Oz.;
  • CC Kitchen Asian Quinoa Salad Kit — Deli Salad Self-Service Bar, 5 Lb.;
  • CC Kitchen Beef Ponzu Kit — Deli Salad Self-Service Bar, 2.5 Lb,; and
  • CC Kitchen Southwest Turkey Salad Kit — Deli Salad Self-Service Bar, 2.5 Lb.

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