After a 2015 food-safety issue, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is back in store, with more scoop shops, flavors, and respect than before. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a close-out letter, announcing that Jeni’s corrected the problems they were previously cited for, in the initial warning letter 

Jeni's ice creamThe company’s revenue has resumed since a health scare at a Whole Foods store in Nebraska. A pint of Jeni’s was found to contain listeria, after the Nebraska Department of Agriculture discovered contamination during a random sampling. The investigation traced matters back to Columbus, OH, home to the company and it’s manufacturing plant.

The FDA found listeria in two spots on the facility’s manufacturing floor. According to Jeni’s CEO John Lowe, “This 2015 inspection came after the finding of Listeria, and the FDA, like us, are looking with a more critical eye at the way we operated.” Additionally, the FDA’s archived recall reported that Jeni’s recalled, “all ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets, and ice cream sandwiches for all flavors and containers because of the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes.” 

In hindsight, this first step would be instrumental for the eventual close-out letter Jeni’s would receive from the FDA. That letter arrived this month, notifying owner Jeni Bretton Bauer that the FDA is closing the case on the most recent issue.

The FDA compliance officer wrote in the report that, “The Food and Drug Administration has completed an evaluation of your corrective actions in response to our warning letter.” Adding that, “Based on our evaluation, it appears that you have addressed the violation(s) contained in this warning letter.”

Despite the odds, Jeni’s has already managed to open two new stores since the food-safety issues began in 2015. On top of the recent St. Louis and Los Angeles scoop shop locations, another will be opening in Washington, D.C. later this year. This will take the tally to over 30 stores in eight cities including the return to business for stores in Columbus, Cleveland, Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Chicago, Charleston, and South Carolina, that made it through the tough time.