Public health officials in Alberta, Canada, are investigating an E. coli outbreak that has been linked to pork sausage sold by Paolini’s Sausage & Meats Ltd. of Calgary. Alberta Health Services (AHS) issued a public warning Wednesday after testing linked two of 14 people with confirmed E. coli infections to Hungarian Farmer’s Sausage from Paolini’s. Paolinis-E-coli-meats “As such, effective immediately, AHS is advising any individual who purchased Paolini’s Sausage & Meats Ltd’s Hungarian Farmer’s Sausage before Feb. 2 to handle this product as though it is a raw meat product, and to cook it to an internal temperature of 71 degrees C before consuming,” according to the warning. “Cooking to this temperature will destroy any potential E. coli bacteria. This product is not ready-to-eat, and appropriate cooking instructions are not provided with the product.” The AHS reports the sausage may have been sold by retailers other than Paolini’s, within and outside the Calgary city limits. Albertans are encouraged to follow these important precautions on a daily basis to reduce risk of E. coli infection:

  • Wash hands with hot, soapy water often, including after you go to the washroom, before you prepare food, after you touch raw meat, and after you change diapers;
  • Cook beef and pork to at least 71 degrees C/160 F.
  • Thoroughly wash all kitchen tools and surfaces that have touched raw meat to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits before eating.
  • Use only pasteurized milk, dairy and juice products.
  • Ensure water used for drinking or food preparation is from approved sources, including municipal water supply or properly maintained/treated well water.

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