DC_406x250After a Salmonella outbreak involving at least 10 confirmed cases and potentially dozens more, the Fig & Olive restaurant in Washington, D.C., reopened on Wednesday, Sept. 16, after a six-day closure due to the outbreak. Local health officials said in a press call Wednesday that the contamination had been linked to truffle fries and mushroom croquettes served at the restaurant. The Sept. 15 story follows: The D.C. Department of Health suspects that 70 people are stricken with Salmonella after eating at the Fig & Olive restaurant, reports the Washington Post. The department told Food Safety News that eight individuals have been confirmed with Salmonella infections — seven in the District and one in Virginia. The health department suspended operations at the restaurant on Sept. 10 while officials try to determine the source of an outbreak that has hospitalized at least four people with symptoms similar to Salmonella illness. Testing of food and environmental samples are still pending. “We have retained third-party consultants to provide assistance in this investigation and will cooperate fully with the Department of Health,” read a statement released by Fig & Olive. “We will continue to work with the DOH to insure that we have done all we can for the safety of our customers.” The New York-based chain opened its CityCenterDC location in June.

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