The Boise, ID, store owned by 24,000 members, and with a deli that sickened about 300 customers since June 1, is still having more problems. In a July 24, 2015, inspection, the local health department discovered three critical violations. The violations were found in the deli and produce departments of Boise Co-op’s North End store. During the Boise-Co-Opinspection, health officials found:

  • Meat in the deli’s walk-in coolers that was out of date or undated.
  • Chopped chicken, caprese salad, and pasta with chicken were being held at improper temperatures, and deli salad bar temperatures were also improper.
  • Cutting boards and sinks were being cleaned and sanitized with products not approved for use on those surfaces.

The poor inspection results come before the Central District Health Department has completed its investigation of Boise Co-op’s Salmonella outbreak associated with food purchased from its deli department. Preliminary tests in that investigation found Salmonella growth in raw turkey, tomatoes, and onions. However, additional laboratory tests are pending, and the specific cause of the outbreak remains undetermined. Meanwhile, Boise Co-op employees are not being allowed to return to work until they have twice tested negative for Salmonella. Ben Kuzma, general manager, said that the most recent violations are due to “habits (we are) trying to break.” Boise Co-op is a 40-year-old business with a second location under construction in Meridian, ID.