Catered events on March 18 and 19 at the Windmill Winery in Florence, AZ, have now been linked to 38 suspected Salmonella cases, according to the Pinal County Public Health Services District. first report of illness related to a March 19 wedding was called in April 1 by the bride’s mother. Four wedding participants were reportedly hospitalized, including a young child, and at least 22 people were sickened at that time. The source of the problem is still being investigated. Health officials temporarily suspended the Windmill Winery’s food establishment permit after discovering that the legally allowable level of food preparation and had been exceeded and that a non-permitted caterer had been used (Kiss the Chef Catering LLC). The permit suspension was lifted April 8, and the winery is now operating under a 30-day risk management plan that required fixing some equipment and compliance issues. “Most issues have been resolved,” said Thomas Schyer, health district director. However, the catering company, also located in Florence, AZ, has been ordered to cease and desist, and Schyer said they “can’t operate anywhere until they reach all legal requirements.”