San Francisco-based Fong Kee Tofu Co. Inc. has agreed to indefinitely shut down operations, or until its manufacturing facility can meet federation food safety regulations. The company, which makes soy drinks, tofu and related products, had been cited by Food and Drug Administration officials for food safety violations several times in the past four years at its manufacturing facility in the Bayview area of San Francisco. FDA officials noted in a March 2012 warning letter than inspectors had previously found insects flying around the tofu production area, evidence of pigeons near raw soybean storage and ready-to-eat bulk tofu, and employees handling equipment and then handling food without changing their gloves or washing their hands. Other problems the agency cited included condensation from the ceiling dripping onto the RTE bulk tofu and packing table and apparent mold near the condensation. Also, FDA noted, “Defendants’ bulk fried tofu balls, which are packaged in unlabeled plastic bags, fail to declare any ingredients.” While company owners Jen Ying Fong, Suny Fong and Yan Hui Fan agreed to correct the violations, FDA indicated that inspectors continued to find and document the unsanitary conditions. “Our goal is to protect the public’s health from potentially harmful food contamination and when a company refuses to comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices FDA will take action,” said Melinda K. Plaisier, the FDA’s associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. “If and when Fong Kee Tofu Co., Inc. is permitted to resume operations, FDA plans to continue monitoring its compliance with FDA food safety rules.” Under the consent decree signed Monday, Fong Kee Tofu and its officers cannot process or distribute food until they demonstrate that their sanitary practices, facility and processing equipment are suitable to prevent contamination in the food that they process, prepare, store and handle. The company must, among other things, retain an independent sanitation expert and develop a program to eliminate unsanitary conditions at its facility, FDA stated. FDA officials said that the agency has not received any reports of illnesses associated with Fong Kee Tofu products.