Marj’s Village Kitchen in Alma, Ontario, has permanently closed up shop following a Hepatitis A warning from the local health department this past week. Hundreds of people in the area have flocked to health clinics to receive vaccinations since Thursday, when the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Department warned anyone who ate at the restaurant between Jan. 2 and Jan. 20 that they might have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus. That warning came after a food-handling employee was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. The restaurant passed a health inspection on Thursday, but closed on Friday. The owners are closing down for good, saying that the business had been struggling financially and now the problems with the virus would be the final blow, according to a statement published by CTV. “It is important that staff and patrons seek medical attention, even though the chances are next to nil of contracting this condition from Marj’s,” the owners said. Symptoms of Hepatitis A infection include fatigue, loss of appetite, and nausea that can last for weeks or even months. Anyone exposed to Hepatitis A may prevent the onset of symptoms by receiving a vaccine within two weeks of exposure.