The San Mateo County Health Department has announced that Norovirus was the bug that sickened dozens of people at an NAACP conference in Redwood City, California. Approximately 60 people fell ill with nausea and vomiting, symptoms of a Norovirus infection, after attending the 27th Annual NAACP California Hawaii State Convention at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Redwood City, south of San Francisco and north of San Jose. Attendees began to feel ill hours after the final banquet on October 26. The latest update from the San Mateo County Health Department brings the illness count up to 60 from the 40 originally thought to be affected, and confirms that those who were tested were infected with Norovirus, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Former Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris was reportedly among those sickened in the outbreak. The hotel stopped serving food in the wake of the outbreak as health officials conducted their investigation, and has taken steps to sanitize the property.