Complaints about Salmonella illnesses and health inspection problems are reportedly plaguing a Mexican restaurant in Carmel, IN. Several diners who had recently eaten at the Agave Bar and Grill at 31 E. Main St. said they had been sickened by Salmonella, and some were reportedly hospitalized this week. However, owner Alejandro Hernandez said the local health department had not found any of the bacteria on the premises and that he thought the problem might have originated with his suppliers.

Department inspectors cited the restaurant July 1 for more than 40 violations of health codes, including inadequate hot water for workers to wash their hands, raw chicken and beef left out at room temperature, freezers soiled with debris and employees not wearing hair restraints. Hernandez said then that he would be installing a second hot water heater. A follow-up visit July 9 showed nine critical violations and nine non-critical ones, according to Larry Beard, a county health department inspector. Hernandez said that, as of July 22, all health code violations had been fixed.

  • Janet Murray

    40 violations and the owner says there is no Salmonella bacteria on the premises? Get real!

  • KinTheBag

    In my area (Phoenix, Arizona) the Latino food establishments are never NOT on the county restaurant inspection list for failures. Latino immigrants were not taught basic sanitary practices and they do not feel that sanitation is important. Add that with the contempt many of them feel for the “rich” Americans and you have a loose cannon. If you drive around to the heavily immigrant populated areas and apartment buildings you will find soiled diapers, broken beer bottles and general trash and old food wrappers strewn about. I walked out of a taco shop that had flies all around landing on things and the workers just ignored it. The place had that cockroach stench and I saw roach egg capsules in the corner. Now this is not a commentary on their race at all- this is a CULTURAL observation and no one is “born” that way. They are raised that way and I have seen them snub their noses at the “rules” and think our laws are oppressive!

    • Manny J. Delgado

      This is no excuse for them not getting with the program! Shut them down.
      Apparently someone is patronizing them if they stay in business

  • Barb3000

    If you look at the neighborhoods in the US that these illegal aliens live in it looks identical to what the small towns in Mexico and all of South America looks like. In the US if they are living 3 families to a house with six cars parked in the yard with trash everywhere. This has been going on for years These people sneak over the border with no health checks and get hired at all of the Mexican restaurants all over the country. If the health inspector happens to be white the manager blames it on racism. These people are not immigrants, legal immigrants play by the rules while these folks do as they please.