This article includes updated information issued Jan. 22. 

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has issued a recall on cheese produced in Swainsboro that could be contaminated with Salmonella.

The recall affects blue and cheddar cheeses sold under the  names “Heavenly Blue” and “Aztec Cheddar” and made by Flat Creek Farm & Dairy. Last month, the dairy recalled 200 pounds of the Heavenly Blue cheese for the same reason.

The products were sold in Georgia and Florida and through the Flat Creek Dairy website. No illnesses have been reported, but due to the time involved in linking illnesses to a food product, it is impossible to say whether or not illnesses have occurred.

Georgia Agriculture Department officials say the cheeses are packed in clear plastic and range in sizes from half a pound to whole wheels. The recall is specific to product marked with the lot codes 130916XHB (Heavenly Blue) and 130823XCAZ (Aztec Cheddar), which can be found on the front of the package.

As of December 24, 2013, all customers that purchased the product have been notified and all products have been either recovered or destroyed. Since the previous recall, the dairy has conducted extensive independent testing and results come back negative for any contamination.