Health officials in Maine say the impact of a Hepatitis A scare in the town of Durham has largely been curbed, thanks to a rapid response of vaccination clinics. Only two additional cases of Hepatitis A infection have been reported after attendees at a community dinner in the Durham Friends Meetinghouse, the Tri-Town Weekly reports. The scare came after an individual who had served food at the dinner tested positive for Hepatitis A. The state’s public health agency set up an emergency vaccination clinic 10 days after the dinner – two days after visiting the meetinghouse to determine which visitors were at risk. Of the 75 people identified at risk of contracting Hepatitis A, 58 received vaccinations. Those who have been exposed are likely to avoid symptoms if they receive a vaccination within 14 days of exposure. Anyone who has received a Hepatitis A vaccination in the past is immune to the virus and does not need another. Symptoms of Hepatitis A illness include fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.