Food Safety News is following the progress of three-year-old Kylee Young, who has just received a kidney from her mother, Jill Brown. In April 2012, Kylee was one of 19 people – 15 of them children – who fell ill with E. coli after drinking raw milk from a farm near Wilsonville, OR. Kylee was two years old when she developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious kidney disease associated with severe E. coli infections. She spent several months in the hospital undergoing dialysis. Her case was so severe that she had a stroke, which left her unable to speak or walk. At one point, her heart stopped and she had to be brought back to life. To help with bills that have accrued during the ordeal, Kylee’s friends and family have started a support page on Facebook and a fundraiser via GoFundMe. According to a Sept. 11 update on the Facebook site, Kylee continues to respond well to her transplant. Food Safety News has spoken with Jill Brown and will publish an article about the family’s experience once Brown feels well enough to continue with interviews.

  • Gary

    My heart goes out to the child and their family, but I am still baffled as to how/why anyone would take the huge risk in consuming raw milk.

  • Guest

    Help me out here…what is slanted in this article? I am seeing facts. Child had raw milk, was one of 19 who became ill after drinking raw milk, she had dialysis and now a transplant. Is where she got the E.Coli under question? By whom?

  • Mike

    Any perceived slight is imaginary. FSN does not perform “studies”, nor is this article a “study”, though it does contain the results of an epidemiologic study that concludes that several people got sick from drinking raw milk in this instance. In no way whatsoever does this article condemn or extols raw milk.

  • chemistforpeanuts

    This breaks my heart…reading certain comments breaks it more. A raw milk farmer is a salesman, a salesman will tell you anything to get you to buy their product. Keep this is mind when you read about how “good” raw milk is, and how “bad” pasteurized milk is. Show me the science, actual peer-reviewed science that raw milk is someone “healthier” than pasteurized milk. Then go pick up a history book and read about the diseases that people used to die from. Then pick up a biology textbook and read about zoonotic diseases. Then compare the diseases of history to those zoonotic diseases….see where I’m going here? Pasteurization has been saving our butts from painful drawn out deaths for a long time now….show me how raw-milk has been saving our butts even more, then maybe I’ll say ok, you go drink it then.

    • Milkman

      You need to pick up the book. My family is on Raw Milk and has been for 1.5 years. Alergies have stopped, healings have occured. When you pasturize you kill all enzkmes and all neutrition.
      You are drinking HGH, antibiotics, and mucj worse frkm the dairy Indistry. Read what they out in milk!! Better yet read what they use to make it white!!! Same as paint and llastic to whiten it. Tead anout th putting aspertame in it to sweeten. Rwad about aspertame causing cancer. Please review Raw Milk before making comments. Dos I mention my Wide’s father and mother are 89 and they drink raw milk.

      • Hank


        • Anj Fabian

          Are they putting koolaid in the raw milk?

      • Bill

        Simple solution. Drink Organic Fat Free Milk. Betting on a small farmer to have the technical knowledge and the desire to spend the money necessary to make raw milk safe from E. Coli, etc is a fools bet. Dirty environment, refrigeration problems, etc can spell disaster.

  • J T

    People aren’t even really supposed to drink cow’s milk. If they are going to consume it, then it is most healthful to first ferment it into yogurt. It is my understanding that the fermentation process helps to kill off the pathogenic bacteria while favoring the healthful bacteria.

  • Kathleen Neely

    There is a lot of really bad pseudo science out there. I used to keep chickens and goats. I ALWAYS PASTURIZED THE MILK before I would let my child cosume it. There seems to be a lot of people that do not have common sense. My parents told me about undulant fever back in the old days 1924.