Food Safety News is following the progress of three-year-old Kylee Young, who has just received a kidney from her mother, Jill Brown. In April 2012, Kylee was one of 19 people – 15 of them children – who fell ill with E. coli after drinking raw milk from a farm near Wilsonville, OR. Kylee was two years old when she developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious kidney disease associated with severe E. coli infections. She spent several months in the hospital undergoing dialysis. Her case was so severe that she had a stroke, which left her unable to speak or walk. At one point, her heart stopped and she had to be brought back to life. To help with bills that have accrued during the ordeal, Kylee’s friends and family have started a support page on Facebook and a fundraiser via GoFundMe. According to a Sept. 11 update on the Facebook site, Kylee continues to respond well to her transplant. Food Safety News has spoken with Jill Brown and will publish an article about the family’s experience once Brown feels well enough to continue with interviews.